Youth Leadership and Discipleship Training

Our “Be Strong” Youth Leaders training programme in Rumania. Also came to an end in 2019. It was great to be at the graduation of these New Youth Leaders which were raised up in Rumania. A second cycle has already begun and they will be running the next “Be Strong” on their own which is really exciting. In the pursuit ofestablishing a Youth movement within the European Network of Communities, there was a dynamic youth leadership training held in Rumania. Moreover, a youth summer camp will now be organized in Poland in 2020.

Edith and I were both involved in leading a “Follow Me” Discipleship program. Edith and Sarah in Vienna, Linda and I in Wr. Neustadt. The Follow Me proved to be a “breath of the spirit” for us as we were able to give into the lives of these young people who were hungry for God and who wanted to learn. For Edith, the “Follow Me” has become a place where she can give herself. She experienced a wonderful loving team atmosphere. So the year 2019 ended with the graduation of the Follow Me disciples in Vienna and in Wiener Neustadt. A new discipleship cycle of “Follow Me” in Vienna has started but has been having difficulty to meet due to the Covid pandemic. They will have their third Weekend in June 2020.

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