Blessing for Families

Bringing a “Culture of Blessing” into every Home, in your Marriage and your Family. Learn practical life skills to deepen your relationship.

What will you learn?

How to be a Blessing to your Marriage Partner. How we can learn to appreciate our differences.

How we can be a Team together, work together and support one another. How we can understand each other better and how we can become more ONE.

You will learn about the “Power of Blessing” you can give to your children How we can impart Identity and Destiny to our children.

Every Family is called to be a Blessing. We are Blessed to be a Blessing. How to live a Culture of Blessing in every Home. Changing the Atmosphere in your Home.

How you can bring practically bring Blessing into every phase of Life that bring about a remarkable change. In every Blessed Home Seminar you will learn practically How to bless your Children and your whole Family. God’s Blessing flows from Generation to Generation and as we pass this on we create a “Culture of Blessing” thatCreates a Blessed Home.

Inspirational biblical teaching

We give inspirational biblical teaching on the Themes of „Blessing in the Family.” There is always practical exercises which can be practiced and applied in the Home and the Family.  We invite Parents to come a learn how to create a “BlessedHome”. At times we also invite the children to come for special times of Blessing together with the whole family.

What do others say?

We could not only follow Gavin’s und Edith’s fantastic teaching, but we could also put them into practice in our Home – in our own four walls – we were able to apply the practical exercises. “Blessed Home – directly at home“. We didn’t think that it was possible, we were totally amazed.
- Karo und Roger


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